I did a bunch of shows for the gang down at Stu Segal Productions in San Diego. Stu has his own helicopters! That’s why I love acting: all the fun, none of the basic training.

My BHP classmate Pat Destro played my wife in this scene from The Practice. Alfre Woodard won an Emmy portraying the schizophrenic killer of our two sons.

What could be better than having your own custom forehead on DS9? I played an Idanian. Does that mean I’m from Idania, or Ida? I want to do the film version and call it “My Own Private Idania.” BTW: Odo is very cool.

Cold Case has some of the best writing on television. In this episode, “It’s Raining Men,” the subject of AIDS is handled with sensitivity and compassion.

Director Brian Buckley at Hungry Man won a CLIO for this spot. We had a ball, and later shot a very funny FedEx spot together.

What can I say? It’s me, Ray Liotta and Rachel Griffiths. I’m, like, one degree of separation from half the universe thanks to this one.

I’m the captain of a submarine! It’s on a lot in North Hollywood, but I’m the freakin’ captain. Next: my own starship.

We had a ball at USC stadium shooting this one. I’m the one with the moustache.