Randy’s acting adventures

Kojak’s got nothing on me!

Turns out hair doesn’t grow back that fast!  My Hot Wheels character, “The Head,” (glad it’s not “The Ears”), is on hiatus for a few weeks, so I took the knob out to the marketplace and booked a great indie I’m shooting this month called “Channeling.”  I play the main character’s (bald) dad.  I now […]


Chris Elliot’s show on Adult Swim is a blast to work on.  Where else can I be a pissed-off goat farmer?  Here I bring my chupacabra-ravaged charge to Sheriff Chris for satisfaction.

American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James

  Dastardly Fred Bass, portrayed by Jeff Coombs, ruining my shot at making SAG Plan 1 this year.               Me, Tim Abell, Siri Baruc and Mike Gaglio.  As Western as they come.               Me and Tim – joined at the hip since we […]

Super Shark!

Fred Olen Ray lines up a shot at Leo Carillo beach during filming for “Super Shark.”  Back before CGI, this was how you got a Hummer when you couldn’t afford the real thing.      Wait’ll you see the shark!       Me, Sarah Lieving and Tim Abell.

Rascal Flatts: “Here Comes Goodbye”

We shot this video in February 2009 and it aired on the CMAs that year.  We worked on the historic McPolin Ranch outside Park City, Utah.  Our LA crew was shocked – Shocked! – to learn they hit single digit temps during a unique season Utahns call “winter.”  Here the dolly, jib and red cam […]

Hot Wheels!

My current project involves “creating content” for Hot Wheels.  Can’t reveal what the “content” is just yet, but when it starts airing in a couple months it’ll be pretty amazing. We’ve got some of the best stunt riders/drivers in the world doing impossible stuff.  One of the best parts was shooting at the top-secret Hot Wheels […]